Electric Blinds

Electric blinds are simple and elegant, whether its a roller blind just out of reach or 10 pleated roof blinds in a school hall, they make the process of opening and closing so much easier, with a touch of a button you can let in all the sun, or choose to close them for complete shade.

We offer the following three blinds in the electric form;


Roller blinds are amongst the most popular of electric blinds being simple but easy to handle, they fit as a normal roller blind would and are very quiet to control, whether its one or 15+ you can control all blinds with one button, or choose each blind separatly making it easy when in office conditions to be able to close the blind you wish without even leaving your desk!


Pleated are favourite when it comes to electric roof blinds, like the normal pleated they can be cut into certain shapes but will easily fit most roofs, it's easy enough able to open and close your pleated roof, but with electric blinds it makes it so much easier! Control the amount of light and shading easily and simply.



Vertical blinds are again an exact copy of the manual blind, but with an electric motor again it makes operating these blinds effortless, control the amount of light and shading you desire with a touch of a button, you are able to rotate and pull across with a remote for simple and effective control.

Our electric motors are of top quality and keep noise to a minimum so you wouldn't even know you had a electric motor in it at all!

For more information about our electric motors please contact us.

Below is an example of some of the previous electric blinds we have installed. 

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